Solar Energy Plant in Debrecen


A new solar power plant will be built by EU funds in Nyugati Ipari Park (Western Industrial Park), Debrecen.

Favéd Kft. Won a 39 million support from the EU for renewable electricity, heat, and biomethane energy production. The tender was part of the Új Széchenyi Terv (New Széchenyi Plan). The total budget is 78 million Ft.

The modern solar panel system contributes to energy efficiency enhancement and to the reduction of environmental load. A 49.94 kW system will be installed, which expected annual production is 71,163 kWh. This will be provided by one axis rotary equipment. The reduction of the greenhouse gas emission is 67 t, which is 1996 t for the total life cycle.

The investment includes the installation of a solar panel of 49,940 Wp with additional equipments.

The project is expected to be finished on 30th November 2013.

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1 thought on “Solar Energy Plant in Debrecen

  1. Dear debrecen Sun!
    Concerning electricity, well i thought of a damp instead of sun energy. For example in Vekeri to with fish farms and a water resource in the wilderly; animals and plants. In debrecen we’ve natural resources and professionals for that; see university of debrecen researchers and professionals. Best of luck, Rihab.

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