Minister of Agriculture: the reason why food has become so expensive in Hungary is that it used to be cheap


According to Minister of Agriculture István Nagy, the reason there is a shortage of products with price caps is that people are stockpiling – Népszava pointed out in Inforádió’s program.

“If there is a product with a price cap – granulated sugar – on the shelf, then if we once bought a kilogram, we now buy two because it is a sure thing, or we buy a shrink because it does not spoil, it will be good in the pantry and it will last and then immediately the other two neighbors don’t get it anymore”

– said the politician.

Compared to this, the Minister of Agriculture István Nagy was able to say that there is a shortage because people are stockpiling food.

According to István Nagy, the price caps may remain until the second half of next year. He also stated that the reason for the record price increase of food in Hungary is that they used to be cheap. “Since the Hungarian food price increase started too low, this is 40 percent,” –  he opined.

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