Downtown robbery

Local News Police

A gunman robbed one of the downtown”s cooperative savings bank.
The man was wearing a mask and held a gun or something similar to a firearm in his hand and demanded to hand over the money from the two female employees of Hajdudorog and Vicinity”s Cooperative
Savings Bank 11. Pasti street office in Debrecen.

After receiving the money he fled towards Bajcsy-Zsilinszky street.
The robbery lasted only a few minutes, and several people saw the robber fleing with his prey. Police is looking for the man on basis of the testimony of the witnesses and the recordings of the bank"s security camera.

The security service staff were arrived on the scene first, they werealerted by one of the employees.

The witnesses saw a 170-180cm tall man covered his head with a mask and a hoodie.
The police still can not tell the press how much money was his prey and his gun was real or not.

Police is looking for further witnesses.

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