Thefts and other crimes at the fair

Local News Police

None of a day passed uneventfully in Debrecen at the Michael’s Day fair last weekend. Customers can also believed that there was no policeman in the chaos.

Not only uniformed police officers but plainclothes detectives were also oversaw the city’s autumn fair in Debrecen. The detectives arrested a man who was hidden a cardboard of razor blades into his jacket on Sunday.
The man is not a stranger to the authority, because of theft police has also repeatedly taken action against him. He was placed into custody.
Sunday afternoon the police had to intervene into a situation in the junction of the Boszormenyi and Bolyai streets at a sale point where a man selected a sweater placing on his hand and started to search for his wife telling that she has the money. The sellers (three men) assumed that the man wanted to steal, so a hassle and struggle emerged between them. Police started procedure against them.

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