Life is getting more expensive in Debrecen

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The local tax, parking, local public transport, water and drainage services will be more expensive in 2011. The city`s general assembly decided to raise
the price of these services in December.

They will add the Petofi square, Pasti street, the arrival side of the Railway station, the
Bethlen, Hollo Janos, Jaszai Mari and Varga streets and the Jaszai square to the important
highlighted parking areas. The fees will be raised by the expected inflation rate an average
of 4.9%.
As regards public transport ticket will cost 270 huf prepaid, and 350 forints buying from
the driver. The combined travelcard will rise to 6100 huf, the student pensioner one 3300 huf and
the people with little kids 3290.
The water and wastewater charges are also rising: the water by 4.5, the savage by 10%.

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