Debrecen-Oradea railway line is one hundred years old

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Debrecen-Nagykereki railway line is the line number 106 of MAV. It is a 53-km-long secondary line, which is a non-electrified single-track line. The railway line was laid down to Nagyvarad/Oradea once, but the end of the line was detached because of the Treaty of Trianon.

The short railway line between the established borders was demolished and has not been laid down up to the present.
There was a direct train from Debrecen to Nagyvarad/Oradea from 1911 to 1920 and from 1940 to 1944, for 13 years in all. Laying down the railway happened gradually. The first section between Debrecen and Derecske was already handed over 8 December, 1894. The railway line was layed down by Debrecen-Derecske-Nagyleta HEV. Laying down the railway line to Nagyvarad was planned to continue, but pointing out the line led to debates because of the difference in local and administrative interests. Finally, the builder considering the expectations of settlements made an agreement with MAV that they continued laying down the line Derecske-Konyar-Pocsaj-Esztar-Kismarja-Nagykereki-Kisszanto-Nagyszanto-Biharpuspoki. HEV could use the main line from Biharpuspoki to Nagyvarad with a so-called ‘Peage’ contract. The preparatory works, pointing out the line exactly, establishment of Debrecen HEV, subscription for shares successfully and the building continued more than one and a half decade. The handover of the railway line from Debrecen to Nagyvarad happened 28 January, 1911.
There was a commemoration on the centenary of handover in front of Debrecen Railway Station, 28 January, 2011. M.P.s, mayors, passengers, workers of MÁV and friends took part in the commemoration.

The commemoration on the centenary took place at 14.10 p.m., Friday, 28 January, 2011.

The scene of commemoration was at Debrecen Railway Station, arrival platform from Nyíregyháza next to ‘trainsculpture’.

MD motor train arrived platform No. 1at 14.40 p.m. The festive train left form Debrecen to Nagykereki at 15 p.m.

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