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The Hungarian Customs and Finance Guard (NAV) and the tax authorities can be more effective now that they have been contracted. This is the opinion of the regional leaders of the National Tax and Customs Office.

The greater affectivity can be reached by eliminating the parallelism in the tasks and by a faster flow of information.
An international criminal organisation for smuggling cigarettes was eliminated by the Northern-Plain Regional Headquarters of the Hungarian Customs and Finance Guard in November. Mainly by exposing tobacco and fuel smugglers, the VPOP regional headquarter had an income of 43 million HUF last year.
From 1 January, the regional headquarter continues to function as the directorate general of NAV. Gabor Mezo, regional general director of NAV thinks that the closer operation with the tax office might make NAV more effective. Affectivity can be enhanced also by sharing information and working together.
The contraction on a regional and county level is still in progress, says Janosne Fazekas, leader of the regional general directorate of NAV. According to her, not only because of the cooperation but also because of the expected simplifications in the administration, NAV might become more effective.
The new, simplified form for the value added tax return is a change that affects taxpayers. The returns will be made by the workers of the tax authority. From what time, is still not sure.

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