Midnight concert and Symposium Bardos

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Two interesting events will be held in the Music Faculty of UD. The Midnight Concert offers more the classical music tonight. Symposion Bardos will close the month with well known melodies.

19th March, 8 pm.
Midnight concert
19:15 Opening

– Brass
– Loran Barnabas (comedian) "Trabarna"
– Bohem Ragtime Band
– Sonus Percussion

00:00 Midnight concert

Than – Party till morning + Jazz Cafe with Orfeo Negro guitar duo.

25th-27th March
Symposium Bardos
Friday , 25th March
2 pm: The opening of the 26th Bardos Symposium, featuring the Lautitia Youth Choir. Conductor: Jozsef Nemes.
2.30 pm: The development of Liszt’s Hungarian style-talk by Adrienne Kaczmarczyk.
3.30 pm: A demonstration lesson- A sol-fa lesson of the 7th graders at the Zoltan Kodaly Hungarian Choir School. Conductor: Laura Antal
4.30 pm: Lajos Bardos on Liszt’s style-talk by Mihaly Ittzes
7.00 pm: Ferenc Liszt concert. Participators: Kolcsey Choir (Conductor: Laszlo Tamasi), Canticum Novum Chamber Music Choir (Cond.: Agnes Torok), Vox Humana Choir (Cond.: Judit Hartyanyi), Gabor Szotyori Nagy (organ)
Saturday, 26th March
8.15 am.: Phonation in speaking- talk by Veres Gyorgyne Petrocz Maria
9.00 am.: A demonstration lesson- given to students of the Kodaly Zoltan Music Vocational School by Monika Vegh.
10.00 am.: Competition of young chorus-masters-semifinals (with the participation of the Ady High School Girl Chorus. Chorus-master: Rita Kerekes) Liszt Hall.
10.00 am.: The new content and ways of teaching music in a music school-talk by Karolyne Papp and Marianna Spiegel. Hall 16.
3.00 pm.: Erzsebet Szonyi: Sarkanyfogak (“Dragon teeth”)-miniatures for piano, based on poems by Attila Szepesi and drawings by Pal Gerzson. Performed by Marta Nagy (piano) and Erzsebet Szonyi.
3.30 pm.: Singing together with the leadership of Janos Czifra.
4.30 pm.: Bardosok-with the participation of the Szivarvany Child Chorus (cond.: Gabriella Deli) and the “Kollegiumi Kantus” (cond.: Sandor Berkesi), Nagy Marta (piano)
7.00 pm.: Concert-chorus works of contemporary composers
Handing over the Szesztay Zsolt Award.
Performers: Cantemus Child Chorus (cond.: Denes Szabo), Bardos Lajos Girl Chorus (cond.: Peter Ordasi), Ady High School Girl Chorus (cond.: Rita Kerekes), Kolcsey Choir (cond.: Laszlo Tamasi)
Sunday, 27th March
8.30-10.00 am.: Section discussions
Music teachers’ section (cond.: Ildiko Herboly)
Music school sol-fa teachers’ section (cond.: Marianna Spiegel)
Vocational school and college teachers’ section (cond.: Marta S. Szabo)
10-12.00 am.: Competition of young chorus-masters- finals (with the participation of the Debrecen Kodaly Choir. Cond.: Zoltan Pad)
12.30 pm.: Announcement of competition results, closing of the symposium.
12.45 pm.: Professional evaluation of the competition, consultation with the judges.

29th of March, 7 pm., Eva Mogyorosi’s piano concert and Istvan Matuz’s flute concert
Program: F. Schubert: Der zürnenden Diana
L. van Beethoven: Rondo a capriccio op. 129.
F. Chopin: F-sharp major nocturne
G. Faure: A-major sonata op. 13.

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