Joint development of Debrecen and Oradea

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A 4-million-euro investment supported by the EU by 90 % makes it possible for the Hajdú-Bihar County Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HBMKIK) to move to a new building. Also, the Center for the Development of Enterprise of the local government will be placed in the renovated part of the Palace of Oradea .

The grant agreement of the Hungarian-Romanian project accommodating non-profit organizations that support the SMEs in Hajdú-Bihar County and Bihar County in Romania was signed two weeks ago in Debrecen.
“The local government provides free land for the building of the 1900-square meter office block which will take in enterprises as well. Furthermore, 1 million Euros will be spent on renovating a 1000-square meter part of the Palace of Oradea .”- announced Lajos Kósa, mayor of Debrecen prior to signing the agreement.
He also mentioned that economic development requires state assistance. It’s opportune to reconsider the roles the chambers play in the economy as their experience and expertise might be very useful. “But first the chambers must be provided with adequate infrastructural space and Debrecen will fulfill this by building the new complex.”- he added.
Ferenc Miklóssy, president of HBMKIK said he hoped that this cooperation would cause a huge progress in the transborder innovation and that the Hungarian and the Romanian firms would find both market and partnership. Besides ensuring the success of enterprises and the creation of jobs, another important factor is that one of the monuments of the Hungarian history, the Palace of Oradea will be renewed.

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