Debrecen`s 2011 budget adopted

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“The city is developing but we have to do something to maintain our institutions successfully this year”- said mayor Kósa. The total amount of the budget is 45.2 billion HUF, out of which 4.8 billion come from a loan. Assembly members adopted the numbers with 23 yes, 9 no and 1 abstention.

State funds
The state funds have been declining steadily since 2002. Currently, little more than half of the money needed is being funded by the central government. This is a 284 million HUF decrease compared to the previous year.
Reducing the debt
To maintain a balance, 4.8 billion HUF external resources are necessary while 5.3 billion HUF goes to loan back payments. 3 billion HUF is deferred loan from 2010 so only 1.8 billion HUF new loan will be required to meet the numbers.
The joint state and local government-owned project company is still a question of the future. This company will coordinate the construction works of the stadium. They are expected to spend 2.5-3 billion HUF this year. The 10 billion stadium program will be the biggest development in the city but the secondtram line and the downtown urban rehabilitation programmes and thecompletion of sewerage systemwill receive the needed amounts.
The city’s budget is balanced and able to implement the plans. Governmental, domestic and EU funds will cover the big developments.

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