30 million for a career

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The Debrecen Tribunal overturned the decision of the court of first instance in the case of the former DVSC youth player who demanded 100 million HUF from the Kenézy Hospital because of a medical malpractice. Instead of 100 million, the hospital has to pay nearly 30 million HUF.

The young football player sued the hospital in 2002 because a knuckle-joint infection got because of medical malpractice caused permanent disability which made it impossible for him to continue his sport career. This January, he was awarded 100 million HUF on first instance. But the Tribunal didn’t consider it reasonable sum as one necessary to cover the extra expenses of acupuncture treatment, nutritional supplements and of employing domestic help personnel. According to the lawyer of the hospital, the first instance decision was wrong not only because of this: “The court set up a fictional situation in which the claimant who was injured at the age of 19 would play in the DVSC champion team as starting player and we repeatedly stated during the trial that such a player does not exist.”- he said. In spite of this, the hospital has to pay 30 million HUF – barely one third of the amount originally awarded.

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