Anthrax in the Mailbox?

Local News Police

Three envelopes labelled “Anthrax” were found in the mailbox in front of the New Town Hall.

Yesterday afternoon a police report was made according to which a postman found three envelops in the mailbox in front of the New Town Hall on which „Anthrax” was written and from which white powder was scattering. The postman notified the Post Office and the letters got stored in accordance with safety regulations while the Public Health Department of Hajdú-Bihar County was alerted.

The policemen arriving to the Kálvin Square surrounded the location and ensured the transportation of the mailbox. A criminal committee conducted the site inquiry and a bomb sniffle dog was brought to the spot. The dog did not indicate any explosives.

Today, the inspector of the Public Health Department transported the envelopes and the mailbox to further examinations. The Debrecen Police Headquarters ordered an investigation in this make-believe crime endangering public safety.

According to the Penal Code those who disturb public peace by deceit can be sentenced to two years of imprisonment.

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