Jewish Community of Debrecen Won 50 Million

Local News

Community & family building events will be organized from the money by the Jewish Community of Debrecen.

The Community won a EU tender, which facilitates the organization of activities that contribute to the evolvement of the family friendly attitude.

1065 people will be reached by 60 programs (training, counseling, community programs) and 4 new organizations are planned.

The Jewish Community of Debrecen is Hungary’s largest rural Jewish community with its thousand members. The main aims of Community are in accordance with those of the EU project, so this cooperation would result in the reduction of the burden of young parents, the growth of the number of marriages and of childbirths and in the easier resolution of domestic conflicts. Besides these, the Community would strengthen, the mutual assistance between members would grow, and the evolution of self-help groups and clubs would increase.

Within the framework of the EU project there will be several cooperating partners involved to be able to call the attention of members from various age groups; from high school students to grandparents.


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