Fake police officers sentenced to 6 and 3 years

Local News Police

A man and a woman cheated a huge amount of gold out of their victim, pretending they were police officers.

Zoltán H., the man and Magdolna H., the woman was sentenced to imprisonment by the Court of Debrecen.

The principal defendant, Zoltán H. was sentenced to 6 years and 10 months of imprisonment while the woman, accused of the second order was sentenced to 3 years and 10 moths.

According to the Police, the defendants purchased their police uniforms and badges from the Internet. They cheated out a huge amount of gold from a woman; they told her that she was involved in a loan-shark crime so they had to seizure all her jewels. Besides, the victim was threatened that if she did not give them the jewels, she would be taken into detention for 72 hours.

The defendants sold the jewels later so they have to pay back 1 035 000 Forints to the victim.


Source: mti.hu

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