Did they leave a baby in a bush in Szolnok?

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A young man found an infant in a bush in Szolnok on Wednesday at a shop on Délibáb út, Szolnok TV wrote on its community page.

Update: He didn’t find her in the bush, she was taken to the hospital by a father in Szolnok.

He didn’t find her in the bush, a father took his own baby to the hospital in Szolnok, the Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Police Headquarters told MTI on Wednesday after it appeared on several news portals that a man had found a newborn in the Tisza-bank county seat.

Police said a security guard at a hospital in Szolnok reported Wednesday morning that a man had allegedly found him in an infant taken to the institution.

During the data collection, the police found beyond a shadow of a doubt that the man didn’t find the baby but brought in his own child. The father didn’t tell the reality because they didn’t want to keep the little girl and wanted to hide their parenting in this way, they wrote in the statement. In the case, the Szolnok Police Headquarters is conducting criminal proceedings for endangering a minor.

According to the information of the local television, the little girl was taken to the MÁV hospital in Szolnok and then to the Géza Hetényi hospital, her condition is good, she didn’t cool down. The baby’s mother carefully tied the umbilical cord and wrapped the newborn in a blanket, presumably born five hours before it was found.

At the request of the MTI, the Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Police Headquarters stated that criminal proceedings would be initiated in the case due to the endangerment of a minor.

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