Community Center is Built on the Site of the Former School in Jászjákóhalma

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A community center is being built on the site of the former Nagy-Ficzek school in Jászjákóhalma, the mayor of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County told MTI.

Tünde Terjéki (Fidesz-KDNP) said: the village with about 3,100 inhabitants won HUF 180 million for the investment in the TOP Plusz program’s Liveable Settlements tender. According to the plans, the demolition of the building of the former school, which has not been used for years, will begin next spring, and the planning is currently underway, which will be followed by a public procurement procedure, he informed.

In the community center, the specialists will create a large hall, a small room and a washroom based on the model of the original facility, she added. The mayor said: the former school was named after parish priest Károly Ficzek, who served in Jászjákóhalma for almost forty years and had two schools built at his own expense. The Kis-Ficzek school, which now functions as a fire station, was built in 1895, and the Nagy-Ficzek school was completed five years later. On the wall of the latter, there is a memorial plaque placed in honor of the parish priest during his lifetime, which will be preserved – the mayor pointed out.


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