It’s snowing in the mountains, but the temperature could reach 20 degrees next week


It started snowing in Kékestető on Wednesday. The live camera image in the afternoon showed that some snow remained. However, the National Meteorological Service also said the weather would heat up again next week, it could be as high as 20 degrees Celsius in the second half of the week.

Winter Weather Hit The Bükk Mountains

MetKép also broadcast the snow on a live webcam. It was written that the cold front has arrived, thanks to which increasingly cold air is flowing into the country. On Kékestető, the air cooled below 2 degrees and it started to snow, but even raindrops sometimes mix between the snowflakes, so snowfall can also be observed.

According to the portal, more intense snowfall is expected soon. In the next few hours, snow that can be measured temporarily in Bükk and Mátra may fall, they wrote.

The National Meteorological Service also wrote on its Facebook page that behind the cold front that arrived on Wednesday, showers and snowstorms had formed, and the sky was thundering on the eastern border. More showers are expected. Snowflakes are also mixed with rain on the mountain tops, they noted.

In another post, they also posted a forecast for the coming days. They put it this way: “older ladies could have a good holiday next week as scenarios tend to half the slow warm-up”. The heat could peak around 20 degrees in the middle and end of next week, they wrote.

According to their figure, in the following days, the minima will be around 3 degrees and the maxima around 12 degrees. Around next Thursday, however, the minima may be around 10 degrees and the maximum around 20 degrees.

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