First Snow Has Arrived: Weather Forecast For the Weekend


At the weekend, a cold air mass will conquer our region, and then at the beginning of next week, a Mediterranean cyclone will arrive with milder, moist air, and based on current calculations, there is a good chance that its precipitation zone will affect a larger area, the National Meteorological Service announced.

The chances of snow are the best in the Alpokalja region until Tuesday, and in the Northern Central Mountains when the Mediterranean cyclone arrives. The cold air mass of arctic origin is coming to our region with a northerly flow, so in addition to rain, there is also a chance of snow in the coming days, and there may even be staying snow in smaller areas.

Cloudy weather is expected on Saturday, mostly with several hours of sunshine, but the sky may remain cloudier along the southeastern and eastern borders. Scattered precipitation may occur, which may become solid several times during the day. In the southwest, even the sky can explode. From late afternoon, snowfall and snow showers are likely in the wide swath of the Miskolc-Szeged line, where the landscape may turn white. In the western half of the country, in two-thirds of the country, the north-west wind will pick up and strengthen, stormy gusts are also expected in North Transdanubia. The highest daytime temperature is expected to be between 2 and 7 degrees. Passing clouds are expected on Sunday, usually with several hours of sunshine. Snow showers may occur in certain places. The north-west wind is strengthening in many places. The lowest night temperature will be between -8 and 0 degrees, the highest daytime temperature will be between 0 and +5 degrees.


Photo: Snowing in the Matra Mountains on 24th November, 2023

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