Campus-organizers already know the new location of next year’s festival

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Because of the 2013 stadium reconstruction it is almost sure that next year’s Campus Festival will not be organized in the same place, in the Great Forest Stadium. The organizers were talking about the details on Debrecen Television.

According to the organizers this year’s Campus Festival finished on Saturday with a visitor record. On Monday, Péter Miklósvölgyi, festival manager and András Süli, program organizer were talking about their plans for the next year.

The festival organizers’ plan is to make an agreement with the designers and constructors of the new Debrecen stadium. If everything goes according to the plans, the new stadium will be finished by 2014 and the new building will be able to welcome the 2014 Campus Festival. But until then, Péter Miklósvölgyi and his crew need to find a new place for next year’s festival.

Although the location of the 2013 Campus Festival is still a secret, the date was announced; festival fans can visit the concerts and programmes between 24th and 28th June next year.



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