Woman From Nagykanizsa Wanted to Kill Her Eight-Year-Old Son


The 39-year-old woman from Nagykanizsa, who wanted to kill her eight-year-old son in a bathtub last summer, regularly abused her child and her own parents, as well, a spokeswoman for the Zala County Attorney General’s Office informed MTI on Wednesday.

The currently 39-year-old woman broke up with her child’s father in 2017, as a result, the woman regularly consumed alcohol.

Sometimes his mother by his then-only five-year-old son hid the bottles from the mother, who therefore beat the boy. The court placed the boy with the father because of these acts, but the woman could also see her son regularly. However, she often consumed alcohol along with sedatives. Shee also quarreled with her parents regularly, and police action was needed several times.

The woman abused her father in the presence of her son last spring. The man died a few months later, and the aggressive, violent woman blamed her eight-year-old boy because of her father’s. death. The drunken, hysterical woman chased and hit her child in their apartment while threatening her to kill him. The grandmother, who was trying to prevent the murder, was also injured. The boy hid from his mother in the bathroom, where she kept threatening to kill him. He wanted to drown the child in water, so she pushed him into the bathtub. The child’s life was saved by his grandmother. The grandmother managed to stop her daughter for enough time to send the child to the street for help. The half-naked boy, who suffered injuries that healed within eight days, eventually asked a passer-by for help. The Zala County Attorney General’s Office filed charges against the woman for preparing for homicide and endangering a minor.


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