Five Members of a Drug Distribution Network Arrested


Five members of a drug distribution network were arrested and several users were caught by the police, the Békés County Police Headquarters announced on Thursday morning.

It was written on that seven people were arrested from Tiszabő and Orosháza on Tuesday night. According to the suspicion, the people from Orosháza regularly obtained drugs from their contacts living in the Jász county settlement, which they then sold in Békés. A man from Tizabő and a man from Orosháza, as well as their partners, were detained.

According to the available data, the men organized the procurement and sales, but the women living with them also knew what they were doing, and if the men could not deliver the ordered materials in person, the women received the customers. On Wednesday morning, a man from Gyula – who lives in the settlement – was detained in Kétégyháza, who is also suspected to be a member of this distribution network. In the meantime, the police caught several consumers from Békés County, who were able to obtain the prohibited, intoxicating substances through this supply chain. The police searched all the suspects and found various suspected drug substances, as well as the tools necessary for their administration and packaging. In addition, people suspected of drug trafficking were also seized money from crimes, gold jewelry bought with the profits, and a car.


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