Parliamentary elections


The preparations for the upcoming elections started – said Antal Szekeres the notary and Zoltán Fauszt, the vice-notary of the City of Debrecen on the 4th of February.

On the 11th of April the country will elect a new parliament but before you make your decision better to knowwhat conditions you have to met, which laws you have to observe to vote.

In Debrecen 165 407 voters have the right to go to the polls. The citywill bedivided into three districts, the first one has 68 000 local residentsand the other two 48 000local residentseach.
The voters can recommend a candidate with filling and signing of a sponsor coupon. These coupons will be delivered to the voter’s registered address between the8th and the 12th of February by hungarian postal services.. Those who will not receive the voting notifications and the coupons please inform the local election office /New City Hall, 11. Kálvin square, 8:00 -12:00 Monday to Friday.

Just those notifications and coupons valid which will be delivered to the registered current address. According the law is not possible to collect coupons at work, onpublic transport vehicles, state and local government offices, law enforcement offices and armed forces.
The candidate orhis/her representativecan take the original, completed andsignedcoupons, is it against te law to make copies of them. Who aggressively try to get a coupon or offer money etc. for it commit a criminal offence and could be punished up to three years inprisonment. The voter can offer only once and onlyone candidate.
To become a MPcandidate has to collect at least 750 coupons, the deadline for collecting is 4pm on the 19th of march 2010. There will be 175 polling stations in Debrecen on the 11th of April, every voter has the number and theaddress of the polling station on the notification.
They changed the location of nearly 20 polling stations this year so be aware and check your notification twice, maybe you have to vote in another polling place. The voters who are not residents of Debrecen and want to vote here, have to report it first andhold a permit from their hometown electoral office. They can only vote at 1st polling station which is located in Sámuel Brassai High School. Abroad hungarian citizens can vote in the Hungarian Embassies. These votes have to be collected and sent to the National Election Commission in Hungarytill the 6th of April.

Source:, DTV