Virtual Job Fair on Wednesday and Thursday


The Budapest Business School (BBS) is organizing a virtual job fair on May 5 and 6, and almost 50 corporate and non-governmental partners are waiting for the students in the three faculties of the university with a wide range of internships and volunteer opportunities.

The two-day-long event will feature 43 corporate partners who can connect with exhibiting partners in the virtual space, participate in interactive lectures, workshops, reception classes, and apply for open positions with their resumes. A novelty compared to the job fairs of previous years is that the offers of all exhibitors can be accessed by participants on one platform.

In the Faculty of Foreign Trade, transport logistics, management, marketing, communication and financial services companies, in the Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism, leading hotel chains, representatives of the tourism and hospitality sector and trade and service companies, and in the Faculty of Finance and Accounting mainly tax consultants and Audit firms, banks, IT companies and service centers offer students various internships, part-time positions and job opportunities.

The two-day-long online series of events will also feature career counseling.

Five NGOs will also be featured on the job fair, and students can join them as volunteers in line with the university’s sustainability aspirations.

In the BBS virtual hall, you can also get acquainted with the international mobility opportunities offered by the university, such as Erasmus +, business development programs, career services, master’s programs, specialized trainings, doctoral trainings and professional colleges.




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