Returned from Afghanistan

Local News

The Hungarian soldiers of the American-Hungarian Operations Advisory and Liaison Group returned from their mission. They took part in the training of the Afghan soldiers and sorted out other tasks as well.

Zoltan Orosz Major-General, the Deputy Chief of Defence Staff held the official welcoming speech and said that we have to deal and treat problems in the area where fights and conflicts broke out to prevent the globalized world the spreading out of these conflicts. As he said,that these missions not only serving our federal obligations but indirectly indirectly, it also serves the security of Hungary.

The unit’s main task was to increase the power and deepen the knowledge of the Afghan forces. The contingent commander, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Redei said that the the Hungarian and U.S. soldiers worked together seamlessly, as they also spent together the six mont training prior the mission at the Adam Vay training ground in Hajduhadhaz.

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