Burglars in Custody

Local News Police

Two men were caught by the detectives of the Department of Burglary, Police Captaincy of Debrecen and by the collaborators of Counter Terrorism Centre.

On 19th September, 2012 two men in two different premises were taken into custody with the aligned operation of the detectives of Debrecen and of CTC. The two men committed several robberies in Debrecen, altogether the value of the robbed jewellery and cash is more than 5 million Forints.

Thanks to the immediate arrangements, they were taken into custody. The two men are old offenders because of committing violent crimes. Counter Terrorism Centre had to be involved in the case, since the escape and the attack of the two men were expected. After the action, the police found the stabbing devices and gas guns of the burglars, which were taken as evidences.

The procedure against the men is continued by the Crime Department of Debrecen Police Captaincy, on the reasonable suspicion of burglary.


Police Headquarters of Hajdú-Bihar County

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